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Upcoming Event: Spring Bake-Off (April 9—18)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: April 17 @ 11:59pm ET

What is a Bake-Off?

A playwriting exercise designed to facilitate new work. Participants are given “ingredients” (all of which must be incorporated in the final piece) and must work under a time & page limit. Any type of work is acceptable: monologue, duologue, short play, etc.

All writers who submit pieces for Bake-Off receive the option to have them cold read and aired on DCSG Channels. 

This spring, cold reads will be on April 18th @ 3pm ET (12pm PT, 2pm CT, 8pm London).

Spring 2021 Criteria:

  • Time: 1 week (submit by 11:59pm ET on April 17)
  • Length: max 15 pgs.
  • Must use all ingredients (see below)


  • Someone goes on a journey
  • Drip
  • “Send them in.”
  • Shattered/ing glass
  • The US Postal Service

Keep in mind…

You MUST include ALL ingredients in your piece, however they can be interpreted in whatever way you want and be included in any order. Be as creative as you want!

Example: The ingredient “a chorus of lawn mowers” can be interpreted as “a rogue lawn-mower-riding militia.”

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