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Twilight Sleep

Written by Tory Parker. Directed by Olivia Kernekin. Performed by Brennen Amonett, Joshua Jerome, Martha Grace B. Moore & Emily Morrell. 

Women’s Theatre Festival

  • Audience Choice Award: Achievement in Scenic and Sound Design
  • Audience Choice Honorable Mention: Outstanding Script

THEATRE REVIEW by Chatham Life and Style

Twilight Sleep starts strong: a black and red visual of a man silhouetted in a doorway combines with a mournful male voice singing the folk song “I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger” to create a haunting atmosphere.  The song is well chosen, its lyrics hinting at what’s to come.  A physical stage, extensive props, and detailed costuming are unnecessary for Twilight Sleep to prove itself; the audience views all four characters head on, uncomfortably close, and the play is the stronger for having such an intimate look at their faces as they experience equally strong reactions of fear, fury, regret, and tenderness.” READ FULL REVIEW

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