Alumni Testimonials

Thank you so much for your work on the play. I am extremely grateful. In this situation more than any other one in which I’ve been: this would not have happened without you. So, thank you. 

—Sean Dance Fannin, ‘17

My experience with DCSG was a breath of fresh air. Staring down a pandemic and a world full of things that seem to constantly fall apart, for a few weeks I got to gather on Zoom with artists I love and respect (who also happen to be some of my best friends) and create. We let theatre work its magic; we made our own world, we told a story, and, for a few hours each night, we remembered that connection, creativity, empathy, and belly laughs are the best kind of medicine. I’m thrilled to be apart of DCSG—not only because it gives me a chance to be part of a theatre community, but because it lets me work with people I never thought I’d get to share a rehearsal space with again. We’re a community that spans states and time zones, and, thanks to Zoom, we can gather whenever and wherever we like. I’m so grateful to be a member, and I can’t wait to see what else this company creates. 

—Emily Morrell, ’16

Working with DCSG has been an absolute delight; I have definitely been feeling a lack of creative outlets during COVID and getting to work with familiar faces, uplift new works, and watch multiple generations of Drama Centre come together was exactly what I needed in the midst of all this. I can’t overstate how excited I am to continue to be involved!

—Rachel Kent, ‘18

My experience with DCSG Theatre has given me hope that, in a time filled with so much uncertainty, I still have a place to grow and create as an artist. I am so grateful to be connected to a network of such talented, passionate artists in a way that I never thought I would be, and I cannot wait to continue working with and learning from DCSG Theatre. 

—Diana Smith, ‘20

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into my first ever virtual theatre project, but I have to say it was an absolute delight. There was so much joy shared in the rehearsal and performance space, and it was such a special experience to collaborate with alumni (some whom I haven’t worked with in years, and a few who I hadn’t worked with ever before). It was the virtual medium that actually allowed it to happen. Not only is DCSG Theatre a great way to reconnect with familiar faces, it also offers the opportunity to work with artists that, because of geography, you wouldn’t necessarily get to work with in a live space. In the uncertain times we face as artists, my experience working on a DCSG project was a bright spot of hope.

—Martha Grace Burkey Moore, ’14

The DramaCentre memory I cherish most is the spontaneous and irrepressible joy of the company—dreaming up shoestring productions in late-night Cowan sits, debating half-baked blackbox designs before parties, and gathering our needling, persistent drives to make good art with great people and whatever we had. DCSG inherits and reenkindles this spark. In championing new work produced entirely through online collaboration, our company provides a new creative forum to reconnect and support Centre alumni artists. Welcome back to the room. 

—Andrew Stairs, ‘14

Being a part of DCSG has felt like returning home. Rebuilding home. Packing home into a box of pixels and taking it wherever you go. There are new tools and fewer rules but the floor plan remains the same: here is room to experiment, there is room to collaborate, all around is the space to create with friends.

—Brennen Amonett, ‘19

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